Monday, November 2, 2009


Ca y est, je me lance.

I’ve been meaning to do this for years, really, but for one reason or another I always found a good excuse to put it off to tomorrow, or after tomorrow, or after that. I could say the same thing of my book, a project that has been sitting on my conscience since the day my 11th grade English teacher scribbled a note in my yearbook saying that he looked forward to one day reading me. Maybe he was being facetious, but I’d like to think otherwise.

I may be the only one to read this blog, my ramblings then serving no purpose other than personal bemusement sprinkled with just a bit of self-satisfaction because at least I’m writing, even if no one is reading it. Or, what I send spiraling into the ether may find itself an unexpected audience, and thus make of this ongoing monologue something more than just a sort of mildly censored online diary. Either way, this is a big moment for me, and I think that I’ll email my parents later on to tell them that I have joined the legions of would-be authors who find solace in blogging while waiting to finish their first opus.

Whoever and wherever you are, be you one or be you many, welcome.

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